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A Collection of Lullabies

Ninni Nani merges two traditional folk lullabies from Greece and Turkey into a new composition. It is a poignant reminder of the similarities between the two neighbouring nations. Cello - Thodoris Papadimitriou

Lullaby in 360 is a pastiche of ideas on motherhood and my cyclical musical journey.

Ninna Nanna per una Bambina e una Mamma is a lullaby written on a a compilation of texts from various folk lullabies sang throughout Italy. In contrast to a traditional lullaby which is the caregiver's monologue, it is a dialogue between a mother and her daughter.

Swimming Through is a vocalise based on a simple, cyclic piano part that serves as the scaffolding over which the voice, cello, violin and saxophone develop their quasi-improvised parts. The piece relates to the experiences of going through life changes, processing trauma or having glimpses of epiphany, when old and new thoughts and emotions fade in and out of consciousness. The title of the piece refers to the feeling of resistance experienced when moving through water, not unlike the feeling of wading through change.

A setting of an anonymous Catalan lullaby arranged for SAA.

A setting of the Lincolnshire folk song Died for Love for SATB based on the melody collected By P. Grainger in Brigg, 1908.

A re-working of a song for voice and guitar written in 1995.

Mother was written for Mother's Day in 2022.

Be-longing is a Greek song about feelings of displacement, and the nostalgia about the people and the places left behind, in time and space.