Always loved singing?

Need to improve your technique and strengthen your voice?

Want to expand your repertoire and improve your performance skills?

Are you an actor/singer preparing for auditions?

Do you want to sing just for the sheer joy of it?

Unlike most musical instruments, our true voice needs to be discovered and nurtured. Singing lessons should be an enjoyable experience with the teacher being a guiding force, helping students understand the needs and capabilities of their voice.

I am now offering a FREE 30min initial consultation for you to assess whether I am the right teacher for you. Please see rates for more information.

Levels/Ages taught:

  •  Complete beginners or more experienced singers
  •  People of all ages as long as they have a genuine desire to sing
  •  Children - I am a qualified early years teacher and have a specialist interest in teaching music to children so young voices are also welcome (subject to age).

Music Styles:

Every student is unique and has different interests and musical aspirations.
I teach:

  •  Musical theatre
  •  Jazz, pop, folk and rock
  •  Classical - opera: beginners, intermediate or advanced
  •  Auditions: I can help singers and actors in preparation for auditions, recording sessions and exams.
  •  Music theory/musicianship skills: I can teach to read and write music. I also teach theory and aural skills as preparation for ABRSM and other exams.

Singing Workshops/Courses for Companies:

I also offer corporate singing courses and workshops designed to match the specific needs of your employees. These sessions are:

  •  delivered at your workplace or at a venue of your choice
  •  designed for people with limited or no prior singing experience
  •  relaxing, informal, inclusive and enjoyable
  •  designed to promote team bonding
  •  aimed at improving presentation skills
  •  aimed at reducing work related stress and improving performance

Please contact me for more information on rates, etc. and to discuss your specific requirements.

What you should expect from Singing Lessons/Workshops:

  •  Understand how the voice works
  •  Improve your overall singing skills
  •  Increase your vocal stamina
  •  Improve your breath control
  •  Expand your vocal range
  •  Improve your performing skills
  •  Boost your self-confidence
  •  Enjoy the experience

    Benefits of Singing in general:

  •  Encourages deep breathing and improves lung capacity
  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Boosts your immune system
  •  Helps correct your posture
  •  Assists physical, cognitive and emotional development in children
  •  Tones abdominal, intercostal and facial muscles
  •  Relieves everyday stress
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