...this is what some of Marina's students had to say about their lessons...

Which aspect of your singing lessons do you most enjoy?

  • "I enjoy the friendly character of the lessons. It helps to get rid of any inhibitions/nervousness/shyness. I like the precise comments and advice and I find it easy to apply it. I like the feedback that I have had so far on my progress. It helps to know on a regular basis that you are doing well and progressing. I appreciate the patience and good humour of the teacher". Chantal
  • "The energy, sympathy and all-round musical talents of my teacher. Marina is demanding but encouraging in just the right measure, so I always feel I have been stretched without pulling me outside of my (rather low) tolerances. And that allows me to get a lot of satisfaction out of elementary technical achievements. I have never before had such consistent fun from being taught anything. Whether that is Marina or singing itself is a bit harder to tell". Martyn
  • "I enjoy the focused training and skills enhancement, which is constant in the lessons from start to finish. This really gives a sence of a alot of achievement and development in a small space of time". Tia
  • "Understanding the importance of using your breath correctly when singing. The lessons are a combination of breathing exercises, warm up exercises and then singing a particular song. The lesson is never monotonous". Despoina
  • "Trying and and being encouraged to really release my voice; not thinking about what others think, just singing and receiving instructions to help my voice. I loved it when things clicked and I feel the positive changes in my voice. However my favorite part of it was putting the training into practice and singing full songs. Marina really understands the full picture in singing. She sees how so many things tie together to make a piece of music and combine to create our voice and the expression within it. Learning about all these different things and the way they link together was fascinating". Vedantha

    Would you recommend singing lessons to a complete beginner now that you've had some experience yourself?

  • "Without any doubt". Chantal
  • "Absolutely. Everyone should try it. I just wish I had done it 40 years ago". Martyn
  • "Yes, I definitely would. Training and skill development in private lessons has really helped me to enhance and focus on my own personal singing development". Tia
  • "Most definitely. Sometimes we think we can sing but more often than not, there is more to singing than we think! There are necessary exercises to help refine the voice and it is not until you actually start using these exercises that you realise and appreciate their importance to singing". Despoina
  • "100% Definitely. Marina made me realise you can improve, you can release your voice, and it feels really great to do so. I didn't take singing lessons for years because I didnt feel I had a natural voice and I was lead to think that good voices only come naturally. I know now that this is not true at all and I would recommend singing lessons with Marina for anyone who is interested". Vedantha

    What do you think you have gained by taking singing lessons?

  • "I have most certainly gained in confidence. I have always enjoyed feeling the emotional aspects of singing and I feel I can do this even better now that my confidence is increasing. My sight reading has improved and I hope to improve this side of it even more as I progress with my lessons". Chantal
  • "I took up singing to see if I could conquer a life-long fear and I am now enjoying it far more than I expected. So I am sure the huge holes I had in my knowledge of music and my ability to express myself are starting to shrink. I think I expected to have the biggest problems with that emotional side and with my embarrassment about making mistakes. In fact, the technical/musical side is surprisingly (for an ignoramus) testing. And I now realise that you cannot do or have one without the other". Martyn
  • "More confidence in singing, in front of people. I have also gained more musical understanding and singing techniques that had never before been taught well enough to me to understand. It has given me the skills to really enhance my voice, in a way that brings out a whole new strength in sound and singing exspression!". Tia
  • "If you have a passion for something, in my opinion, you need to persue it. Singing is one of my passions and by taking lessons, I feel that I am being taught how to sing correctly. Marina is not only a very experienced teacher but someone who gives great encouragement. This is great and has certainly made me feel more confident about singing!". Despoina
  • "It has definitely improved my confidence in my voice. Marina was very encouraging and that was a big help. Marina made me really feel the tension I was putting on my neck/throat which helped me try to remove it. I learn about phrasing in songs, about posture, breathing and support and a whole host of other things. Marina talked to me about how ones experiences and personality affects their voice and how to analyse in depth the lyrics of a song in order to sing them with the greatest amount of expression". Vedantha

Chantal, Legal Secretary
Martyn, Journalist
Tia, Law Student
Vedantha, Philosophy Student
Despoina, Optician

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